Welcome to our “FREE” tools page that make it so that “ANYONE” can follow our “EASY TO FOLLOW” program. These tools will allow you to be comfortable in using our program “KNOWING” that we give you the right knowledge to outrank your competitors and to capture the customer looking for your business services.

Blue Print

Our Local Blueprint points out the path that you must take in order to be successful in ranking your own website. (We go into detail about this report in the course itself)

This is an overview of our program and the “FREE” modules that anyone can access. 

This is an overview of the FREE modules that we give access to everyone.

Monthly Report Card

Our report card will keep you on track week after week and month after month to make sure you are doing the simple activities to getting your website to outrank your competitors and to capture the customer looking for your services. Perhaps you have gotten busy over the past few days or week. Looking back you can see where you left off and what you need to get completed this next week/month. Remember you can’t expect to grow what you don’t track. Simply put if you follow our easy-to-follow program you will see the results.

ROI Potential Projections Worksheet

This spreadsheet shows you the “Real” potential numbers that you can achieve in your “Own” business. We know that each business has its own set numbers for its unique services. Find out what your business could achieve by ranking higher in the search engines. For example, a dentist’s average patient might be worth $350 or more but a dog grooming client’s average is say $65.00 per client. Or perhaps you are in the bathroom renovations business and the average customer is $5000 or more. Each any every business is different. Only you know what an average customer/client is worth to you and your business. Find out what your business can achieve by rising in the search engines. 

Comparative Market Analysis

It is importnant to know the size of the market, the number of competitors, and what it will take to outrank them. Follow this in-depth report to see what those outranking you have done and what type of work it will take to overtake their website.

  • The keywords that your customers/clients are using in their searches looking for your services.
  • The number of monthly searches for each keyword term.
  • The keyword difficulty to rank for these keyword terms.
  • What your top 3 competitors have done to get their top-of-the-page rankings that are gaining your customers looking for your services.

This easy-to-follow in-depth report will show you it all to help you determine what keywords to target and what keywords to stay away from. (Download the sample report.)

Local Road Map

Our local Road Map points out the direction that you need to take in order to be successful in overtaking and out ranking your local competitors. (SAME AS BLUEPRINT?)


In order to be successful, we feel it is super important to set yourself goals.  Follow our easy to follow “Goals”


Blue Button

 This “FREE” tool will allow you to view your competitor’s keywords and site structure at the “click of a button”. It also shows you how Google views your page so that you can make improvements quickly and easily.  (available to paid members)


Rank For “Image” Seaches

This “FREE” tool allows you to tag your images to let Google know that you are location relevant to the area. By using this tool will allow you to be a step above your competitors.  By using this tool it will also help you rank for customers that are searching “photos” in Google for your services which is another source of leads for your business. (available to paid members)