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Their Story: The owners were working for another landscaping company in which they were not happy working for because they were being asked to provide sub par services but still charging regular rates. Travis felt it was eventually going to tarnish his image as he was the manager and face of the business that he was working for. 

It was always his dream to start his own landscaping business BUT did not know where or how to get started. Through a friend of his that was in the “Construction” business they recommended our services and within 2 weeks they had their first big commercial client and the rest is history including………one of the best testimonials we have ever received for our services. 

We are very happy and proud to be able to transform these peoples lives the way we have been able to. Not only business wise BUT personally as well the benefits of running a profitable landscaping company.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: Very little. Brand New Business.

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: Avg 60+ a month.

Increase In Revenue: Over $500,000+ in their 1st year of business. These clients picked up 3 new commercial accounts from a couple of large property management companies that were looking to make some changes to their providers. 

They also missed out on a further $280,000 in that they were away on their honeymoon and did not have their phone handy and did not get back to the clients in time to submit their proposals. 

Overall in 1 year’s time, they increased their monthly revenue by over $40K and it could have been as high as $65,000/month in increased monthly revenue or $780,000 in total revenue. 

What It Has Meant For Them Personally? Instead of working for someone else who did not care about the level of service that they were providing and only worried about their bottom line. They can now build a business that they can be proud of for many years to come.

They also just welcomed their first born into the world and have the time and income to spend time with her as she starts to walk and talk and all the things that the little ones do in a days time.

Current Plans / Future Goals: To continue to expand in their existing city/area as well as into a much larger city in 2021 that has a nicer climate than their existing market with plans to retire in this new city down the road.

Interesting Point Of There Starting Of Business: His friend who is in the “construction” business suggested that they get out of the “Landscaping” business because the margins were to low and he felt you could not make any “real”money doing it. 

What he did not know was that this business offers recurring income so he does not do a job and then have to go look for another client. He simply keeps servicing that clients lawn, snow removal etc every week or month so his income keeps growing as he picks up new clients. 

Here is where the story gets really good. That friend that told him NOT to branch out on his own in the landscaping niche is NOW renting a portion of Travis’s shop for his OWN “construction” business. How is that for proving your friend wrong!!!

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