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Their Story:

These guys were a long standing local insurance agency NOT affiliated with any of the big names with deep pockets for advertising. They found that through the years they were losing ground to these more popular and better known insurance brands. They knew the power of the internet and what it could potentially do for their business and found us online. Since finding us their  business continues to get better and better with sales increasing rather than going the other way and sliding for the past few years. See what they have done so far and where they are headed with their business.

Ranking Organically: Before they met us they were on page 3 for their main keywords. They are now on the bottom of page 1 and climbing with lots more business to be gained.

Ranking GMB: Before they met us they were bouncing back and forth between the 12th and 14th position. They have since risen to be in the top 5 pack and are looking forward to hitting the coveted 3 pack where the calls will really start to come in on a daily basis.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: N/A Did Not Track

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: Still don’t track that well. 

Increase In Monthly Revenue: He estimates that business is up 20-30% since starting to rank his website and GMB listing.

Return On Investment (ROI): Paid for itself many times over and brings in recurring income.

What It Has Meant For Them Personally?: He now feels confident that he can keep his competitive edge in his local market competing with the much larger and more well known insurance brand names (frnachises) He feels confident that he will have a very selable business when his time comes to sell his business and enjoy retirement. 

Current Goals / Future Plans:  They plan to continue increasing their ranking which they know takes time and they hope to bring on a couple more sales associates to continue to grow their business with plans to exist and sell the business within the next 5-7 years and to leave the new owner in a good financial position.

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