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Their Story: Dalton was a typical struggling 1 man garage door repair and installation company with a couple of part time staff to help out when he got busy or had a larger job that he needs help with. 

The problem he was having is that he could never get a consistent amount of calls coming in to be able to grow his business. 

Dalton did not have a high ranking website that would bring in consistent call/leads to their business. He had a bit of knowledge about SEO and the power of it BUT he was using another expensive company that was NOT getting his website any visible results. He was even paying this company for over 2 years! A short time after using our services he saw an immediate return and increase in daily calls from customers looking for his services. 

He now tells anyone who will listen to,  what our services have done for both his business and personal life. For let’s face it the more money we can make within our businesses the more we can enjoy life away from our business and work.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: He was getting a few here and there. 20 and under per month directly from his website.

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: 100+ calls and form submissions in a month. With as many as 7-9 calls in a day’s time.

Increase In Monthly Revenue: $25,000K+

Return On Investment (ROI): INSANE

What It Has Meant For Them Personally?: He has been able to support his wife as she goes back to school. He has also maintained 2 homes in 2 different cities depending upon where he is working at that week.

Current Plans/Future Goals: Since using our services and having great success he is in the middle of training more staff and expanding into 2 more cities. 

He is also taking on a partner who specializes in the commercial end of the business as he will concentrate on the residential side of the business. Business looks bright for him moving forward!

REFERRAL: He has also referred our services to his best buddy who is looking to get his Solar Power website ranking and bringing in clients as we do for this garage door company. 

When his buddy does his (ROI) will be off the wall for the solar power niche is usually in the $1000’s of dollars per client and not the $100’s of dollars like it typically is for the garage door business.

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