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Their Story: The owner was concerned about the increased competition that was coming into town with BIG marketing budgets to get their foot in the door and taking over a large number of their customers. They reached out to us and could NOT be happier.

Their site ranked on the bottom of page one of Google and was getting a few calls here and there but nothing substantial. They had tried a couple of (SEO) companies but got no website ranking increases from their work.

They were referred to us by a friend of theirs who was using our services and reached out to us. They were a bit reluctant to give us a try but once we showed them what we could do and the minimal cost it was a non-brainer for them. 

The website is now ranking #1 in the organic rankings for their main keyword and bounces up and down in the top 3 results of the GMB Map Pack. To say they are happy with our services is an understatement.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: A few dozen. They have been around a long time so they get repeat business from the stickers they have left on the furnaces in the past.

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: 120+ calls/leads in a month.

Increase In Monthly Revenue: Around $20,000K

Return On Investment (ROI): VERY GOOD

What It Has Meant For Them Personally?: It has allowed him to work alongside his wife and for them to take as much time off as they like personally. They are no longer worried about the increase in competition in town that does a lot of print and bus stop advertising for they now know that the real power is in your online digital marketing where you see the biggest returns on investment (ROI). Marketing is no longer that effective offline.

They know that they can outrank any of their competitor’s websites for the keywords that their customers are searching for thus gaining the new clients.

Current Goals / Future Plans: His wife has reverted to the full-time receptionist because of the increased call volume. They are currently closing 85-90% of the calls coming in as they offer friendly accommodating phone answering services which go a long way in the building of your business.

They are also now looking to expand their services into surrounding cities that border close to their main city. They are doing this as well through the techniques that they have learned through this course.

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