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Their Story: This client was a referral from another business owner who was looking to grow his business. With Covid amongst us, this family lawyer said his business was down 90%. 

He said was not sure if he would even survive the downturn and whether he would be able to keep his practice open or if he would have to work for one of the other large law firms in which he did not want to do as he preferred to work independently. He started using our services and now he can not keep up with all the business coming in.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: He worked from referrals only and had no website that was ranking anywhere near page 1 of Google. Therefore he had no consistent number of calls coming into his office in order to rely on.

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: Up to 75 calls in a month.

Increase In Monthly Revenue: He would not say because of confidentiality and because of the profession he is in. He did however say that his hourly rate was $400/hr with a $3000 retainer so you do the numbers yourself.

Return On Investment (ROI): It would be safe to say it is multiple $10,000’s a month.

Current Goals / Future Plans: With the use of our services and the increase in call volume and clients looking for a family lawyer he just bought a building and is currently on the hunt to start hiring as he says “charismatic lawyers” to join his firm and start expanding the number of services that his law firm offers.

That is quite the change in a matter of only 5 months to have your business down 90% and not knowing if your practice will survive or not, to actually buying a building. Well Done Indeed!

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