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Their Story: The owner had her main groomer leave her dog grooming salon to start her own salon and taking her clientele with her. This dropped this current owner’s business by around 30-35%, Ouch! She reached out to us and we have steadily been growing her base business back to becoming profitable once again.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: Their site ranked on the bottom of page one of Google and was getting a few calls here and there but nothing substantial. 

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: As many as 60+ a month

Increase In Monthly Revenue: $5,000K+ 

Return On Investment (ROI): Very Good

What It Has Meant For Them Personally?: It is allowing them to step away from the business a little more and to enjoy life being a retired nurse and doing this as a hobby and to keep busy with something knowing that they have a consistent flow of new leads/customers coming in daily.

Current Goals / Future Plans: They are looking to continue to build up their lost customer base again and now are looking to expand their retail dog food and accessory business as well to help have a more balanced business model that is not solely relying on their dog grooming services.

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