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Their Story: This client did not have a high ranking website that would bring in consistent call/leads to their business. After trying our services and seeing what we could do for this part of his business he is now considering using it for his main business which is commercial and residential cleaning as auto detailing is being done at his shop as more of a side business.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: Very Little

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: As many as 80+ new leads a month looking for their services via phone calls and form submissions.

Increase In Monthly Revenue: Approximately $10,000-$15,000

Return On Investment (ROI): Very Good & Recurring

What It Has Meant For Them Personally?: They now feel confident knowing that they can run a successful auto detailing shop that their son can run and start to gain some business experience and one day sell the business to their son keeping it in the family.

Current Goals / Future Plans:  Expanding his website to now rank for Commercial & Residential cleaning as auto detailing is only a “side” business of his. he plans to continue to build the site even higher for his auto detailing side of his business as well and expand into other cities.

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