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Their Story: The owner had only recently purchased the business from the previous owner over the past year who had started the business. With Covid coming into play his organized weekly & monthly events were canceled leaving him with next to no income and a loan and lease payment on a new commercial vehicle to make.

After making the choice to work with us his site now outranks a couple of HUGE local news sites and a couple of MUCH larger competitors.

Leads / Calls Per Month Before Starting With Us: Their site was ranked on page 13 of Google for their main keyword and was getting absolutely no calls for its services. He relied solely on his referrals and from the guy he had bought the business from.

Leads / Calls Per Month After Working With Us: Couple Dozen

Increase In Monthly Revenue: $10,000K+

Return On Investment (ROI): AWESOME

What It Has Meant For Him Personally?: He knows has the luxury of knowing that he can go into other markets and not just rely on one that he had bought the business from (Law) hence making his business more rounded, predictable, and even sellable down the road if he so chooses to.

Current Goals / Future Plans: He expanded his services to include audiovisual for other industries including weddings and funerals and is excited about the future and diversifying his services rather than just relying completely on law conferences. 

In fact, he has gotten so busy that at times he has 3 different events booked for a single night that he has to pick and choose what event will pay the best and then contract out the events to some of his competitors as he has no reliable full-time staff. When talking to him last he had a $1900 wedding, $1500 funeral service, and $6000 conference.

He is now looking to buy more equipment and continue to expand his services over and above just being the law profession when he bought the business a short year ago and bringing on some new staff members. 

With what he learned from our online course is he quickly ranked his website to include these new markets (Weddings & Funerals) that he intends to continue to expand his offerings and markets. 

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