Their Story: This is a GREAT story. The young employee of the appliance repair company had seen one of our ads advertising our services. He took it to his elderly boss and suggested that they buy our program to help out with the struggling business that was NOT ranking well in Google and was on page 2 and not getting regular calls. The elderly boss said he was not interested BUT if the employee wanted to give it a try that he would go 50/50 on the work that he brings in himself.

The employee went ahead and bought our program and built another website from scratch. Following our guidelines he ranked the website and GMB- Google My Business to the top of page 1 of Google. What happened next was the business exploded and the young employee thought why am I giving the owner 50% of all the work that he was generating himself???

He then decided to set out on his own and start his own appliance repair business and compete against his much older boss with an a long established business. You will be BLOWN AWAY to see how much business (calls) he was bringing in on a daily basis with his high ranking new website. Sign up for FREE to read the rest of the story.

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